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York Shakespeare produced the world premiere production of Ian McEwan's IN BETWEEN THE SHEETS, in which I played Lucy in June 2006.

Twenty Feet is the company behind THE WARS OF THE ROSES, which was the complete 8-play Shakespeare history cycle that I performed in, in February 2005. I played over 17 roles, learned over 2700 lines, and was exhausted by March!

In 2003, I played Smeraldina in Black Moon's production of THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS. In addition to performances in Brooklyn, we performed at Lincoln Center as part of their Meet-the-Artist program.

Looking Glass Theatre is a warhorse of the off-off-Broadway scene. I performed with them in 1999, playing Puck in their original play, A MID STUMBLETHRU'S DREAM. If you go to their Our History page and scroll down to Fall '99, you'll see a picture of me in action.

New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players— New York's, if not America's, premiere Gilbert & Sullivan company. I worked with them from 1997-2001. I can sing THE MIKADO in my sleep.

The Linklater Center— A great group of teachers of the Linklater Method, the foremost voice method created by Kristin Linklater, with whom I studied in college.

Face the Page—My writing group; my "other" life. Tips and advice about writing, a blog, information about my novels, and lots of other great stuff!

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